Thank you for buying your ticket to Belladrum 2019, the 16th staging of the festival.

Please read on for some essential information on enjoying the show and see our FAQs list at where you will find more information on most subjects.


Belladrum Estate, By Beauly, Inverness-shire IV4 7BA.


The event takes place 1st-3rd August 2019.


The theme for 2019 is 'Space'

Ticket Types:

A 3 Day Adult Ticket: access to headliner and support on the main (Garden) stage Thursday night & to parking/ camping from 0800 on the Thursday and access to the arena, Grassroots Stage ceilidh etc from approximately 1600 on the Thursday

A Saturday Adult Ticket: access to arenas and campsites from 0900 on the Saturday and 1300 on the Sunday.

Disabled ticket buyers please see below before buying tickets.

Thursday or Friday Only Tickets are not available.

Children’s 12 & Under Tickets automatically follow those of the adults accompanying them in terms of Three/Two day status.

  • Don’t forget your: ticket, parking pass, warm & waterproof clothing, original Photo- ID with proof of age (if you are aged approximately 8 – 25 or a guest), and any vital medication
  • Security: Only bring what items of value you can carry securely or afford to lose – tents are impossible to make secure
  • Credit Cards and Mobiles: Leave a note of credit card numbers at home to make cancellation easy; carry your mobile number with you so you can use someone else’s to block it if you lose it.
  • Keys: Only bring essential ones; know where your spare car key is.
  • Travel Light: Remember when packing, you will have to carry your stuff to your camp site; there will be a camping store on site
  • Display: if you are arriving in a car, display your parking pass prominently.
GETTING there:

From the South & East:
Take the A862 West from Inverness towards Beauly.
Approx 9 miles from Inverness, turn left onto A833 signposted Kiltarlity and Drumnadrochit.
Approx 1 mile on, turn left at second gate lodge on the left (it has black gables and the turning is signposted Belladrum).
If you go as far as Brockie’s Lodge Hotel on the A833, you have passed the turning.

From the North and West: 
Go through Beauly on the A862 and cross the River Beauly.
Approx 1 mile on, turn right for Kiltarlity and Drumnadrochit onto A833; then as above.

From the South West:
Turn left off the A82 in Drumnadrochit, onto the A831; after approx 1.5 miles, turn right onto the A833, signposted to Beauly.
After approx 8 miles, you will pass Brockie’s Lodge Hotel on your left.
When you get to a gate lodge with black gables, signposted Belladrum, turn right.

Follow signs and stewards’ instructions (for Glamping parking take the right turn opposite Brockie’s Lodge Hotel)

Arrival Times:

We would advise arriving at the festival as early as possible to avoid potential traffic delays. The gates & campsites will open from 0800 on the Thursday to allow an earlier ingress than in previous years. The arenas will open at 12noon. The busiest periods for arrival are from 1400-2000 on Thursday so we advise that you avoid coming to the festival during this period if possible. There are regular bus services to the festival from Inverness (Stagecoach) and the local area (Ross’s Mini buses).

Please see:

On the day, we advise you to check travel updates online and via social media to ensure the least possible delay.


You must have a valid e-ticket or printed ticket joined to its stub to obtain a valid wristband, and you must have a valid wristband to enter the event. Your purchase of a ticket and admission to the event signify your acceptance of the terms and conditions on the ticket and on the event web site. There is no readmission without a valid wristband. Lost, stolen, altered or incomplete tickets will be invalid and will not be exchanged for wristbands or allowed entry. Holders of wristbands that have been lost, stolen or tampered with in any way will not be granted admission. Wristbands are non-transferable.  

Under 18 and ID issues:

Under 18s must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult (a maximum of two under 18s to each adult who must be 21 or over) at the event and will not be allowed to bring alcohol into the event or consume it there; if you are over 18 but lucky enough to look under, you must be able to prove your age with original photo-ID; that might be passport, driving licence, Citizencard (available to any age via, or Young Scot Card (ages 11-26 available from ), etc. Bar and gate staff are empowered to treat you as under 18 if you are not able to prove otherwise  

Under 12 and ID issues:

Under 12s must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult (a maximum of two under 18s to each adult who must be 21 or over); you must be able to prove  that your child is 12 or under if you are bringing them on a child’s ticket. Acceptable proof will be original photo-ID (no photocopies) showing proof of age as in a passport, or photo ID card that can be obtained from Citizencard (available to any age via, or Young Scot Card (ages 11-26 available from ). Gate staff are empowered to treat your child as over 12 and charge for entry if you are not able to prove otherwise.

Guests and ID issues:

If you have a guest ticket you will need to pay £30 at the box office (cash only, no cards); if you have a guest or guest VIP ticket with your name on it, you will need to provide corresponding original photo ID to gain entry.


If you have lost a child, please inform a steward or the welfare office who will assist in their recovery. Please take extra care of children on steps, near water courses or standing water – and in the auditorium areas close to the stage, especially if they are on your shoulders; during popular acts, it is not advisable to take children too close to the stage; your children should use ear plugs if they are near loudspeakers as loud music can damage their hearing.


Specific rules apply to acquiring disabled tickets, disabled carers’ tickets and to disabled persons’ guests in that area. Information can be found on the tickets page of the web site and under FAQs. The Disabled Camping & Parking area is for blue badge holders only. Please email Mary Ferguson ( for further details. Please do NOT buy your tickets from any outlet for the disabled area before you have been in touch with Mary.

Where to park and Camp:

If you’re disabled, see above; for campervans and caravans see below; our windscreen hanger/ dashboard parking passes are there to help parking stewards direct you to the car park most appropriate to your camping zone so please display yours; for family and quiet campers, you should have a green and yellow parking pass and general campers and day visitors a red pass; only camp in the appropriate area; if you are noisy or disruptive in the quiet and family camping areas you will be moved to the general area; no sleeping in vehicles in parking areas is allowed; no vehicles may be driven or parked in tented camping areas (other than disabled); if you forgot to get a parking pass, request one from your ticket agent or download one from ; wherever you camp, please pitch your tent with your guy ropes at least one metre from your neighbours’ and avoid encroaching on fire lanes. For the new Clean Fields camping area, see info below

Clean Fields:

If you have acquired a ticket to Clean Fields, this area will be within the Green Family Camping Area (see map below). To pitch your tent in Clean Fields doesn’t cost you anything extra in cash terms.

You just need the right wristband from us. But to camp there you need to sign up to the agreement everyone in Clean Fields keeps (and if you don’t adhere to it, we will have to ask you to move to another camping area):

  • Clean fields will be spotless when you arrive. Please keep it like that during the event and leave it that way when you leave.
  • Everything you bring into Clean Fields, you must remove or dispose of in the appropriate bins provided.
  • All camping equipment must be taken away from the festival or left at the gate in the charity compound – please don’t drop it in other camping areas.
  • Spread the love – make friends with your camping neighbours and offer help to anyone who needs it (ie the first time tent builders).
  • Keep an eye on your neighbour’s tent if they are absent.
  • Share your food and drink around.
  • Don’t allow under-aged people to drink alcohol.
  • Keep it peaceful – don’t keep your neighbours awake with bongos!
Campervans & Caravans:
  • You need to buy a campervan/caravan ticket to bring a vehicle to this area; that ticket is valid for one campervan, or one car plus caravan or factory-made trailer-tent only.
  • If you also want electricity, electrical (16 amp) hook-up supplement tickets are also available. An electrical hook-up ticket on its own will not gain you entry to this camping area; you will need the campervan/caravan ticket too.
  • Each campervan/caravan will also need a blue windscreen hanger/ dashboard pass.
  • A campervan must have fitted sleeping and fitted cooking or washing facilities – standard vans, horseboxes etc. will be refused entry and sent on to car parks where no sleeping in vehicles is allowed and tickets will not be refunded.
  • There must be at least three metres between any structure on your pitch and that of your neighbours. A campervan/caravan ticket allows you a 7 x 4.5 metre usable space (the same as 2016 – the overall space is 10 x 7 metres but this includes fire break space) – if you need more (ie. for a large Winnebago) you will need to buy a jumbo space which is 10 x 10m usable space (see web site);
  • No generators are allowed. Only cars attached to caravans may be parked here.
  • No sleeping in tents is allowed in this area.
  • If you buy a ticket for a car to park on its own here, you will be sent on to one of the standard car parks and your ticket will not be refunded.
  • Campervan/caravan tickets do not grant entry to the festival arena. You need to exchange a separate event ticket per person for an event wristband (see above) to allow that.
  • There are tanks provided into which you can empty your toilet waste – do not empty it anywhere else!
  • Once your vehicle is on site, it may not leave. So please plan for your vehicle to stay at the event once it has arrived and bring all you need with you when you first arrive. If your vehicle does leave site and returns before the end of the festival, it will have to park in one of the public car parks
  • VW campervan area ticket holders, your area adjoins the main campervan/caravan area so please follow road signage.
Glamping: Tipis, Yurts and Pre-pitched tents:

Can be hired by going through the links on the festival web site. Please note that Pitch Village pre-pitched tents have moved from green camping to the Glamping area opposite Brockie’s Lodge Hotel. All parking for glamping is via the Brockie’s Lodge entrance. You will need a parking pass to enter here. See details online

Friendly-Flush Loos:

These are 24-hour attended toilets with adult and 12 and under passes available via the tickets page on our web site. NB – This facility is now located near the crossing point in the Green campsite and away from the arena (see map). Approximate walking times to Friendly Flush. From the far end of: Arena: 10 minutes; Campervans/Caravans: 15-20 minutes; General Camping (Red) : 8 minutes; Glamping: 15 minutes; Quiet Camping (Yellow): 5 minutes; Family Camping (Green): 8 minutes. In order to access this 24 hour facility you will need to leave the arena. Please note: there is no access form Glamping or Camper/caravan fields to Friendly Flush between 0200 & 0900 as arenas are closed. The wristband allows access to a 24 hour attended toilet service with little or no queuing, kept spotlessly clean 24hrs a day and filled with loo roll. There will be a separate area to sit and apply make-up with mirrors as part of your toilet entry ticket. opening times are from 1600 on the Thursday through until 1300 on the Sunday. NB. photo ID may be required for 12 and unders; unfortunately this service is not suitable for those with mobility issues – disabled toilets are located within the disabled camp site; showers will possibly be available at the same venue on a separate ticket available at the event. 

TAXIS, Coaches and drop-offs:

If you are travelling by any of these, please only use the designated pick-up and drop-off point; here are some taxi numbers: Beauly Taxis 01463 782498; Central Highland Taxis 01463 222222; Inverness Taxis 01463 222900

Arriving, parking & leaving:

Please don’t disturb our neighbours with unnecessary noise; don’t drink or take drugs and drive; parking is included in all ticket types with the exception of the campervan/ caravan field; lock your car.

Cheap, eco-sound travel

If you’re coming from Inverness or other Scottish cities, use coaches to Inverness through Tuned in Travel and the special bus to the event from Inverness (see web site for details); if you have to come by car, offer friends lifts up to (legal) capacity of your vehicle – or register with our car-sharing partners via our web site and offer lifts, or take up a lift from someone else.

Not allowed anywhere:

Glass; fires; smoke bombs; flares; animals (they will be impounded at owner’s expense); weapons & fireworks (their use will result in ejection); drones; drugs, illegal substances or NPS (previously known as legal highs); no amplified music is allowed within campsites between 1200 and 0800

Not allowed into the arena:

Alcohol; opened soft drinks and water.

Allowed into the arena:

Food; umbrellas; buggies; small collapsible seating; unopened soft drinks and water

Allowed out of the arena:

soft drinks; food; NOT alcohol

Cookers, BBQs and Camping Gas stoves:

are allowed in camp sites but only if operated according to strict guidelines: do not use any cookers inside a tent or near the entrance – use them outside your tent and well away from your own and other tents; wait until gas cylinders are completely empty before changing them and do not change them in a tent; turn the appliance off after use; no naked flames inside a tent. Gas cookers inside camper vans and caravans should be safety tested and gas cylinders kept outside the van, which should contain a fully charged water or dry power fire extinguisher. Go to for further information on safety

Alcohol & Soft Drinks:

Alcohol: if you are above the legal age to drink it, you may bring it into campsites from car parks, but not in glass containers; you may not bring it from campsites into the arena; you may not take alcohol bought in the arena out to campsites; most alcohol bought on site may be obtained by purchasing tokens at the token booth; tokens are not refundable. Soft drinks and water: may not be brought into the arena unopened. They may be taken out of the arena


Help us look after the farm; in festival areas, please dispose of your litter in the bins and use recycling points provided; in campsite areas, please bag-up rubbish and leave it at campsite rubbish points; please put recyclable rubbish in bins provided, bring the minimum of packaging and especially avoid light plastic bags.

Hazards & emergencies:

You use the car parks, camp sites, festival and estate areas at your own risk: take care on uneven ground – most of the site is farmland; drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration; use sun cream; bring waterproof, warm clothing; don’t climb trees or any other structures; beware of traffic servicing the festival site; beware of the burn running along the rear of the festival site and possible water in a lochan in the family camping area - parents with small children and non-swimmers need to be vigilant in these areas; stay clear of all fenced off buildings – they are fenced off because they are dangerous; in the event of an emergency, please find the nearest steward and alert them - follow stewards’ instructions and do not panic; there will be a clearly marked first aid point and roving first aid teams.

Lost property:

Please hand in and reclaim all lost property from the welfare office; the festival accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen property; all lost property still in our possession after the event will be handed in to the Police (Tel 101 and ask for Inverness Police).


antisocial, illegal or aggressive behavior will result in immediate ejection without refund; please stay within festival bounds and behave with consideration for our neighbours and do not enter their properties.


Most of the line-up of artists will be announced before the event; however, exact running orders and timings will only be available at the event.

Ticket terms and conditions, and disclaimers:

Your ticket is valid for one person only and is sold subject to the terms and conditions on the reverse. You are advised to check your ticket upon receipt. No tickets will be refunded unless the event is completely cancelled in which case only the face value of the ticket will be refunded. Tickets are for the festival and not for one specific artist. The promoter will use their best endeavours to present the line-up as advertised, but the line-up of artists cannot be guaranteed. Should one or more artists cancel, the festival will go ahead as normal. Refunds will not be given in these circumstances. Tickets are issued subject to a licence being granted by the local authority; you use the festival venue at your own risk; the promoter shall disclaim liability for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the promoter, its servants or agents or any person whilst entering or leaving the festival venue; the promoter shall disclaim liability for death, injury, disease or loss caused to any person or to his servant or agent at the festival venue; the promoter shall disclaim liability for any loss, damage or theft to property including vehicles at the festival venue; the promoter shall disclaim liability for any inaccuracies in any information published with regard to the event.


When you choose to leave or at the end of the Festival exit is via the signed exits from each parking area. All of the exits take you onto the A833. For those being dropped-off the pick-up point is at the same location where vehicles waiting to pick-up will be directed to a designated area. On departure on the Sunday morning please be patient as, with any large event, it will take some time to exit the car parks and get back onto public roads. On Sunday there will be police officers at the busiest junctions to help the flow of traffic.