Children at Bella

Bringing Children to Bella

We are really looking forward to welcoming you and your children to Bella 2020. Here is some guidance about your stay with us.

  • If you are camping, we suggest you go to the green (family) car park and box office which leads to the family camping area. If you are just coming for the day, park in the red car park or the overflow
  • The walk from the green car park to the green camping area can vary between 100 yards and 800 yards approx., depending on where you park and where you want to camp.
  • At the box office, please ensure your 12 & Under gets a white wristband on which you write their name and a telephone number (preferably of a mobile telephone you have with you).
  • Children’s wristbands do not distinguish between two or three day but they must be accompanied by an over 21.
  • 12 and unders, who get free tickets must bring original photo ID with proof of age.
  • If box office staff don’t think a 12 & Under is that age, they will ask for original photo ID with proof of age; if you can’t provide it, your child will be charged the full priced ticket before allowing entry
  • Each adult (21 & Over) can only bring two persons aged 17 & Under into the festival
Lost Children
  • Lost children will be taken to the Welfare Office in the Main Arena (near the festival hospital) while that arena is open and after that to the Welfare Tent at the top of Red Camping.
  • Staff in the Welfare Office will try to contact you using information from your child’s white wristband
  • If you lose your child, please report it immediately to a steward and make your way to the appropriate Welfare Office
Taking Care of Your Children at a Festival
  • Don’t take them to the front of crowded stages
  • Don’t allow under-aged drinking
  • Give them ear defenders or earplugs if they are going near speakers
  • Take appropriate clothing to keep them warm and dry
  • You are allowed to take unopened soft drinks and water from campsites into the arenas
  • You are allowed to take baby buggies into the arena
  • Use plenty of sun screen on children; their skin is delicate
  • Moderate your alcohol intake so that you can look after your children responsibly and make a good example.