Clean Fields

Brothers and sisters! A place for people to camp together and groove at Bella in perfect cleanliness, in perfect harmony, in peace …

To pitch your tent in Clean Fields doesn’t cost you anything extra in cash terms. You just need the right wristband from us.

But to camp there you need to sign up to the agreement everyone in Clean Fields keeps (and if you don’t adhere to it, we will have to ask you to move to another camping area):

  • Clean fields will be spotless when you arrive.
  • Please keep it like that during the event and leave it that way when you leave.
  • Everything you bring into Clean Fields, you must remove or dispose of in the appropriate bins provided.
  • All camping equipment must be taken away from the festival or left at the gate in the charity compound  – please don’t drop it in other camping areas.
  • Spread the love – make friends with your camping neighbours and offer help to anyone who needs it (ie the first time tent builders)
  • Keep an eye on your neighbour’s tent if they are absent
  • Share your food and drink around
  • Don’t allow under-aged people to drink alcohol
  • Keep it peaceful – don’t keep your neighbours awake with bongos!

Clean Fields will be situated in the Green camping areas.