Clean Fields

We introduced clean fields to the festival in 2017 and it has been a resounding success. Our ethos behind this is that festival goers keep their campsite clean and it has a friendly, neighbourly atmosphere.

Thank you, wonderful Clean Fields campers for always opting into the agreement to keep this campsite spotless. Check out the post event pictures from 2019 of Clean Fields camping versus the other camping areas below. It breaks our wee Bella hearts each year seeing the aftermath of these areas.

We have to get better, we have to clean up after ourselves.

3000 of you have signed up to spend the weekend camping in Clean Fields this year. Could you imagine if the whole festival could look like this? Our vision for Bella is that the entire site is left like this. This is a huge task that we simply cannot manage without our Bella family. We all have a duty to make sure the estate is looked after. So please all do your bit when you leave:

  • Take all your camping equipment home
  • Remove tent pegs from the ground
  • Clear up and dispose of all rubbish in the bins provided
  • Don’t over pack, take only what you need for the festival