What is the festival theme?
Our theme for 2022 is ‘Myths and Legends’

Will there be a fancy dress parade and prizes?
Yes! Prizes will be tickets to Belladrum 2023


Can I take it into the event?
Providing you are 18 or over, you can take alcohol into the campsites, no glass.

Can I take alcohol from the campsite into the arena?

Can I take alcohol from the arena into the campsite?


Can I bring them?
No: health and safety regs do not permit

Are guide dogs allowed?


Can I bring in a small  trolley/ collapsible chair/ food/ umbrella/ baby buggy/ unopened soft drinks and water?

Arrivals & Departures

Arrival times:
The gates & campsites will open from 0800 on the Thursday.  The arenas will open at approx. 12 noon.

You must have a valid e-ticket or printed ticket joined to its stub to obtain a valid wristband, and you must have a valid wristband to enter the event. Your purchase of a ticket and admission to the event signify your acceptance of the terms and conditions on the ticket and on the event web site. There is no readmission without a valid wristband. Lost, stolen, altered or incomplete tickets will be invalid and will not be exchanged for wristbands or allowed entry. Holders of wristbands that have been lost, stolen or tampered with in any way will not be granted admission. Wristbands are non-transferable.

How late can I arrive?
22:00 Thursday and Friday, 20:00 Saturday.

What is the post code for the festival?

Can I leave and return later?
Yes but if you leave after midnight any night, you won’t be able to get back in until 0800.

How far will we have to walk from the car park to the family or quiet campsite?
This will very much depend on when you arrive and where you want to camp; your walk could be anything from five to fifteen minutes.

Can I leave my car if I am unsafe to drive?
Yes, you can leave your car where it is parked and collect it within 2 days.

What time do I have to leave by?
1300 on Sunday

Are there buses to the event?
Yes, bus services from Scottish towns and shuttle runs from Inverness bus station are available to purchase here


Due to the cancellation of Belladrum 2020 & 2021 we will change the age on the child ticket to 14 & under and carry out our usual ID ch ecks.

Do I need I.D for my 14 or under? 
Yes, if your child looks older than 14 but has a 14 & under ticket you will need to provide a valid I.D.

What constitutes a valid I.D?
We accept as I.D: Passports, Driving Licences, Young Scot Cards, Citizen Cards or any other photo I.D with a PASS logo.

For children under 14 if you don’t have photo I.D we will accept a copy of their birth certificate.

What do I do if I lose my Child at the festival?
Make contact with the nearest steward or go to the Festival Welfare Office.

My child turns 15 during the festival – does he/she need a full ticket?
Not if your child’s birthday is up to and including the Thursday of the festival

Is there a lower age limit on children attending the festival?

Do I need a 14 & Under Ticket for a babe in arms?
Yes, everyone attending the festival requires a ticket.

Is there family camping?
If you are bringing children, you can camp in the family area (green pass) which is for families only. You will be removed to general camping if you make excessive noise.


Campervans & Caravans

Can people sleep in a tent next to my campervan/ caravan?
No, Health and safety regulations do not allow tents to be slept in amongst vehicles.

Can I drop my caravan and leave site with my car?
Yes, but if you do, your car will not be allowed back into the caravan/campervan field until Sunday to collect your caravan. It will have to be parked in the general car parks and make your way on foot to the campervan field.

Can cars park in the caravan area?
No, not unless they are/were attached to caravans as the main towing vehicle.

Can I bring a gas camping stove or portable BBQ?
Yes, they are allowed but only if used safely and correctly.

Is there electrical hook-up for caravans/campervans?
Yes, you can buy an additional electrical hook-up ticket allows you one connection to one 16amp 240v blue standard caravan site supply plug per pitch

Are trailer tents allowed?

Can I sleep in the back of my van in this area?
No, not unless your van is fully converted. A converted van must have fitted sleeping and fitted cooking or washing facilities –standard vans, horseboxes etc. will be refused entry and sent on to car parks where no sleeping in vehicles is allowed and tickets will not be refunded.

For full details including size of pitches and how to pitch your van see caravans and campervans page here

Cleanfields Camping

What is this?
It’s a tented camping area which you agree to keep clean and from where you clear all rubbish and camping gear. You also look after your fellow campers and keep the noise right down.

Is it free?
Yes, but you will need a ticket to gain entry to this area. You will be moved out of it if you don’t follow the rules.


For full details of mobility tickets, carer’s tickets and mobility car park passes please see our Access Scheme info here

Are all areas of the festival accessible by wheel chair?
Yes, and there are special disabled viewing areas in many of the arenas; however as this is an outdoor event and conditions could become muddy and slippery.


Can I fly a drone at the event?
No – No unauthorised drones will be allowed to be flown anywhere over the festival as they pose a hazard to our patrons. Any unauthorised flights will be reported to Police Scotland.


Are legal highs allowed?
No drugs or New Psychoactive Substances previously known as ‘legal highs’ other than prescription drugs are allowed at the festival. Drug enforcement laws are as applicable on site as anywhere else in the country. Police officers will be on site and will deal with drug offences in accordance with national guidelines. If you engage in the unlawful supply of drugs, it is likely that you will be arrested. Neither anti-social nor illegal behavior will be tolerated and participants will leave themselves liable to eviction from the site.


How do I hire a Glamping Package?
Information on booking can be found on the Glamping Page.

How do I get my parking ticket for Glamping?
You don’t need car parking passes this year.


Is it allowed anywhere on site?
No. Glass is not allowed anywhere on the festival site. Your bags will be searched on entry and any found will have to be returned to a vehicle, decanted into a plastic container or thrown away. Food and perfume in glass is allowed but please try not to bring it – the less glass on site, the less chance of it breaking and injuring someone.

Are medicines in glass allowed?

Lost Property

How do I get my lost property back during the event/ where do I hand in lost property?
Please go to the Festival Welfare Office located next to the Festival Hospital; the festival accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen property.

How do I get my lost property back after the event?
All  unclaimed lost property will be retained by Police  Scotland in Inverness (either 101 or 0845 600 5703).

Maps & Plans

Can I get one?
You can find these on laminates and in the official souvenir programme available from the merchandise stall at the event. Stewards and the Welfare Office should also have copies.


Can I get details of stages and times for bands?
You can find these on laminates and in the free official newspaper. Details are also posted up at all stages.

What time does the music start?
On Thursday, some stages start around 1530 and the Garden Stage around 1600. On Friday and Saturday, some stages start around 1030 and the Garden Stage around 12.

Parking Passes

Where can I get a parking pass?
Parking passes will be available from our website nearer the time.

Prohibited Items

What am I not allowed to bring to the festival?
Alcohol in glass bottles, Chinese lanterns, flares, fireworks, drugs, nitrous oxide, drones, weapons and dangerous objects.


Is there mobile coverage?
There is coverage by O2 and Vodaphone and some other networks. However, during the event signal becomes very slow due to overloading.

Can I charge my mobile?
Yes. There are various charging facilities offered around the site including free charging points in the Club Clan Bella for VIP ticket holders.

Tented Camping

Can I camp on Friday night if I have a Saturday ticket?
No, your Saturday ticket gives you access to the event from 0900 on the Saturday morning.

Is there family camping?
If you are bringing children, you can camp in the family area (green pass) which is for families only however you may be removed to general camping if you make excessive noise.

Is there disabled camping?
Yes, disabled campers with mobility issues only can camp in the designated zone. Please see our access page for full details 

I have bought tickets but I don’t want to camp – can I get a reduction on my ticket price?
No, the price of camping and parking are included but both are optional.

Can I bring a gas camping stove or portable BBQ?
Yes, they are allowed but only if used safely and correctly.


Are there posh loos?
Yes – you can buy tickets to Friendly Flush posh loos on our tickets page while stocks last.

Where are the posh loos located?
In Green Camping

Are they open 24 hours?
Yes, but there is no access from Glamping or Caravans between 0200 & 0900.

Do they have showers?
Yes. Friendly Flush provide paid-for showers at their posh loos location.

Under 18's

Can an under 18 with an Adult ticket enter the festival alone?
No, in order to enter the festival under 18s must be accompanied by someone 21 or over.

As an Adult how many under 18s can I accompany to the festival?
There is a limit of 2 under 18’s per accompanying over 21’s.

What constitutes a valid I.D?
We accept as I.D: Passports, Driving Licences, Young Scot Cards, Citizen Cards or any other photo I.D with a PASS logo.


My unwanted e-ticket – how do I transfer it to someone?
If you would like to change the name on your order then please head to www.skiddle.com/orders/ to change your details free of charge instantly.Alternatively please call Skiddle on 03333 010101 during office opening hours. (Mon – Fri  0900 – 1800; Sat 1000 – 1700)

My e-ticket doesn’t have my name on it – does it matter?
If the e-ticket was bought for you as part of a multiple order by one person, try to arrive with that person or have their telephone contact details with you in case there are problems with scanning your ticket at the gate. It could mean you don’t get into the festival if the ticket won’t scan at the gate and your ID doesn’t tally with the name on the ticket. If you have acquired the ticket from someone else, see above

Unwanted printed tickets – where can I buy/sell them?

We advise selling these using our official partner Twickets - https://www.twickets.live

We strongly advise customers not to buy tickets from sellers on auction or social media sites and never to part with funds unless tickets are in the hand and known to be genuine. Tickets resold anywhere other than via our approved method are sold and acquired in breach of our terms and conditions..

My child has a 14 & under ticket and I have a three day ticket – can I take them into the Garden Stage with me?
Yes. 14 & unders can go wherever their accompanying adults are authorised to go.

Thursday/Friday only tickets – are there any?
No, we do not issue them.

Concessions or family tickets – are there any?

Where’s my camping ticket?
Your camping and parking are included in the price of your ticket (unless you are bringing a campervan/caravan).

I’ve printed my e-ticket but the colour is odd?
Don’t worry – so long as it can scan you will be fine.

I’ve lost my ticket – can I get another one?
If it was a printed ticket, no. If it was an e-ticket, you should make contact with www.skiddle.com/help

My child’s 14 & Under ticket doesn’t have their name on it; does it matter?

I have another question about my Skiddle tickets?
Please head to www.skiddle.com/help where the answers to all FAQs are available, as well as access to Skiddle’s Customer Care phone line and live online chat.


Club Clan Bella VIP tickets – will they be available?
Yes they are available now from the tickets page.