Feeling Safe

We want everyone at Bella to have a great time at the festival. We will not tolerate any type of violence, discriminatory or threatening behaviour towards anyone. That includes sexual violence and harassment - and staff will be especially briefed to challenge anyone whose behaviour partakes in, condones or promotes it.

So please remember:

  • Talk nicely – not in a discriminatory way.
  • Respect the bodies and space of other people, even in a crowd: do not touch someone without asking permission; stop if someone asks you to stop touching them.
  • Before engaging in any kind of sexual activity with anyone, ask them if they want to first. If they say ‘no’, or it doesn’t seem like they want to, don’t go any further.
  • Just because someone consents to one thing, doesn’t mean they consent to everything. Check in as you go.
  • If someone is drunk, unconscious or asleep, they can’t consent to any kind of sexual activity.
  • If anyone or anything makes you feel uncomfortable or worried about the safety of anyone at Bella, speak to any of our stewards or our onsite welfare team.
  • Don’t hesitate, we have your back. 
Have a Great Bella 2020!

Rape and Sexual Abuse Service Highland (RASASH) will be at Belladrum and can be found in the Welfare Tent – they will treat anything you tell them confidentially unless you tell them otherwise www.rasash.org.uk

The Rape Crisis Scotland Helpline is open between 6pm-midnight every day of the festival: 08088010302