There are areas within the festival that we can recycle in a controlled environment, and this does work. So, for instance from our bars, crew catering, food traders etc we can sort through and allocate to relevant containers. We also ask all traders to use compostable containers.


Just like reducing single use plastic by introducing Green Goblet Cups we urge you all to not use single use camping equipment. Please don’t buy a tent, roll mat, sleeping bag just for Belladrum. This year could you borrow from a friend or go to a charity shop instead?

Over the years we have developed a great relationship with Highlands Support Refugees (HSR). We have been trying to make good with the mountain of tents and camping equipment left behind, so HSR scoop up everything once you are all gone and reuse for refugees. This is a huge task as items need to be picked up, checked, and packed away. This is an okay solution, but we think we are making it too easy for people to leave equipment behind. 

This year Highlands Support Refugees will have a station where you can drop off equipment rather than them collecting once everyone has left. So again, we ask everyone to pack up their gear and clean up behind them.


Bring refillable water bottles with you and top up throughout the festival rather than buying bottles water. We will have plenty of refillable stations on site.